Mother's Day

One of the joys of public school that I had given little thought to until this year is the receipt of multiple handmade gifts for holidays. Christmas resulted in an absolute treasure trove of painted, glued, and glittered projects, all but the latter earning a hallowed spot in my Christmas decorations for future years (sorry, but I have an aversion to glitter, especially when it's falling off all over everything). There were a handful of items for Valentine's day, and today, Superhero came home with my Mother's day gifts.

I got a flower planted in a Dixie cup (I didn't have the heart to tell Superhero that even if it were some sort of uber plant that would grow in the dessert, it still wouldn't survive my brown thumb for more than a few weeks). I also received a silhouette--a project I've been wanting to do for a while now, and the laminated one is just impetus to make the pretty ones I bought the supplies for before Christmas. My beautiful, hand colored and written Mother's day card, says:

Dear Mom,

I love u mommy bekuls u love me oh i theink u r such a grat cook

Love *Superhero*

There are some things a six year old just can't put into words, so I decided to interpret this as 'I love you for all you are and all you do.' I honestly have no idea where the great cook came from, since he rarely eats anything I actually cook, so I can only presume that he was both hungry and dreaming about my canned ravioli skilz.

Then came both the sweetest and funniest gift of all. A xeroxed Mad Libs type page, where Superhero filled in the blanks. I giggled and laughed uproariously, and was surprised when Superhero looked over and said 'Mommy, are you crying?'--surprised to find that I was :P

My Special Mother

My mother is the most wonderful mom in the whole world!!

She's as pretty as a picture . She weighs about 10.20 pounds and she's 100 feet tall.

Her favorite color is purple.

Her favorite food is carrots w/ranch dressing.

In the good old days when Mom was a little girl, she used to play with dolls.

Her mother always made her watch tv.

I think Mom looks funny when she gets out of the bed.

My favorite outfit on her is a purple wedding dress.

I know she's angry when she grounds me.

I wish Mom would play video games and go to the playground with me everyday.

Love, *Superhero*

For the record, I do not own and have never owned a purple wedding dress--our best guess is he's referring to a burgundy nightgown I have. I can't stand ranch dressing. And I weigh a BIT more than 10.20 pounds, though I can see how 5'7" might be mistaken for 100 feet tall when you're six.

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