Changes ahead

When I began this blog, it was a way to let distant family read cute stories about the boys--things that were worth sharing, but not really something you would take the time to call four or five people (or more!) and tell them about. But the internet is forever, and with the boys' recent diagnoses, the blog has become much more personal--and has information that a teenage boy may not want a classmate to be able to google and find. So I'm going to make some changes to the blog. Nothing (I don't think) will be deleted, but I will be systematically removing the boys' names from the posts. I will also be creating a new blog soon. Actually, I've already created it, I just haven't quite organized exactly how it's going to be differentiated from this one. My brain isn't working as well as I'd like :D

I think, though, that this blog will continue to be focused on the boys and stories about them, and the other will be focused more on their triumphs and struggles, as well as ours. Right now, it's hard to think clearly, and everything is still a little shaky in my head. But these things I know for sure:

1. My boys are more than their diagnoses. There is no way a label or a test or a piece of paper can explain who they are, any more than saying they are blondes would define them. Their respective diagnoses are what they have, not who they are. And they are descriptors, NOT excuses.
2. I love my boys, and I will move heaven and earth to help them reach their full potential.
3. I may not be the mom they need. I am the mom they HAVE, and I will work towards becoming the mom they need. (Thanks again, Tabitha, for this life lesson. Even if you don't remember it :D )

So, there are changes ahead. Massive changes. But the changes for the blog should be minor :D

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