I'm a cat person

We love our Gilley, but she's about 14 years old--not exactly a 'kids' pet. Superhero has wanted a puppy for a while, but we just don't have the time or energy to devote to another living creature. So, I bought a FurReal puppy at the thrift store yesterday. Now, I know it's not a real dog, but it is cute, and the boys love it. Or at least, Superhero and Fighter love it. Fighter asked where his 'DOG' was just before he closed his eyes to go to sleep, and it was the first thing he asked for this morning. Artist, on the other hand . . .

Me: So, what should we name your puppy? (talking to both Artist & Fighter)
Artist: No name puppy.
Me: The puppy needs a name.
Artist: ME no name puppy. Bubby (Fighter) do it. Bubby puppy.
Me: It's not just Bubby's puppy. It's for all of you to share.
Artist: NO. Bubby puppy. *Artist* want kitty cat.
Me: You want a cat?
Artist: Yes, *Artist want kitty cat. *Artist* pet kitty cat, and hug, and squeeze, and kiss. *Artist* LOVE kitty cat. *Artist* no love puppy--Bubby love puppy.

So I guess I'm looking for a FurReal cat now :P

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